New Life, naturally

My first health book, packed with entertaining information on the body human and how to keep it healthy... a new concept in health books:  We believe that health care should be fun so you can enjoy life!!   

Based on the premise that Your body is your Home, we take you on a tour through each room, and show you how to take care of it.Modern diets have diverted us from what is natural and good -- and given rise to an overwhelming assortment of diseases.  We can get back to basics and create a New Life for ourselves...and we can do it naturally.  This book has been updated and published under the title, "You don't have to be sick - healthy eating is good medicine" with my co-author Janiece C. Andrews, MD.

Finding Margaret - a case for reincarnation

Out of Atlanta comes a true story of love, hope and courage. Finding Margaret, described as a modern-day Gone with the Wind, this true story will take you on a journey where the very meaning of life is explored.

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Common Sense Medicine

A contract job for Robert A. Nash, MD, refocuses the idea of 'disease care' to 'health care' and emphasizes 'Energy Medicine' as the banner that the medical knowledge of the new millennium will garner.  With new medical knowledge comes a new approach, rethinking the causes for disease and the ways in which we now treat them. Dr. Nash's book offers a first-hand account of his own experience with alternative treatments, and his broad scope of what is medicine is both reassuring and enlightening.

Halo's Glow

A fun story about food

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What happens at Harmony's house when Halo opens the door and Wicked Witch Ailing Acid comes in with her mean friends Caustic Cola, Shyster Sugar and Rowdy Redmeat?  A food fight, of course!!  This entertaining story will amuse your children while teaching them about bad foods and good foods, and their friends the Glow Kids.

My Books

Leaving Church in a Helicopter

A design and edit job for my friend Madonna Brownlee --  hilarious tales about weddings and other adventures of a church organist 

A Juicy Joyful Life

Amazon HOT #1 BEST SELLER, an anthology by women writers.  My story “You too will bloom" is on page 27.  Call or e-mail me to order a signed copy!!

DISCOVER the powerful secret that thousands of women already have – that the perceived mistakes of your past were lessons to guide you to the life you are DESTINED to live!

At First Sight

This was a contract job for Barb & Shirl Jennings, who were the inspiration for the MGM motion picture, At First Sight, starring Val Kilmer and Mira Sorvino. Shirl Jennings made medical history when his sight was restored after 40 years of blindness.  

Contract Jobs

How to build a healthy downline

This was a work-book for Janiece C. Andrews, MD, to instruct those in the MLM industry how to identify and resolve the emotional and mental blockages to success.  

The  Cuyahoga Stories

Design project for Ken Brownlee

Mighty-Me and the Rainbow Plate

Making healthy eating fun!
How do kids know what's good to eat -- just eat the foods the colors of the Rainbow!!   There was a little kid who didn't like to eat good foods -- but when he goes to school, and sees a rainbow in the sky after a storm, he and his classmates get a valuable lesson about good nutrition and eating foods on the rainbow plate.  

You don't have to be sick - healthy eating is good medicine

We believe that it should be FUN to learn about your body.  This fact-filled book will give you loads of information on WHY you should eat healthy.

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Mr. Andante

Design project for Ken Brownlee.  

Where Did I Go?

A short story about growing older with wit and wisdom.
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