Live in excellence

and serve the Lord.

co-author of  A Juicy, Joyful Life  (Hot #1 Best Seller on Amazon); contract writer of  At First Sight-The Shirl Jennings Story… the story behind the MGM motion picture; wrote Mighty-Me and the Rainbow Plate  and  Halo's Glow to teach children about nutrition;  Harmony’s House, a coloring book;  compiled and edited  Downline Dynamics for Janiece Andrews, MD. Re-wrote  The Whirlpool for Theresa Martin (published June of 2016); designed and edited  Leaving Church in a Helicopter  for Madonna Brownlee.   June 2016 published You don't have to be sick - healthy eating is good medicine, a collaboration with Janiece C. Andrews, MD.

Compiled and edited construction law manual for largest construction law firm in USA; annual sales & marketing plans for Fortune 100 Company (five years); lecture on health and wellness.



Remote bookkeeping for children’s clothing store in Houston, Texas; Set up and maintain books for numerous clients in construction, retail, and consulting; Majored in Accounting with 4.0 GPA and on-job training for 9 years by former Internal Auditor of Coca-Cola; Studied Business Law at University of Maryland Overseas Division in Germany with 4.0 GPA.


Accounting Quality Control Procedures for Finance Dept. of Fortune 500 Company; Policies and procedures and employee manuals; Director of Publications for three nutriceutical companies; Editing support for company with 20,000 distributors in USA and Europe; Created 24 cartoon characters to teach children about health and nutrition (trademarked); Author of New Life Naturally,   Finding Margaret - a case for reincarnation,  ghost writer for  Common Sense Medicine;


Developed and implemented filing system for a Regional Sales Office that became the national standard for a Fortune 100 company; Set up files for a company that had 5,000 closed sales orders and no filing system; Implemented fulfillment, packing and shipping procedures for nutriceutical products company; Set up and ran inbound call center; customer service training; Professional Administrative Assistant Certification (95th percentile on national test). 

Set up general ledger and maintained books for small business for 17 years; General Ledger clean-up for construction, auto sales, and training companies; QuickBooks Training, payroll, account reconciliations, and records management; Established accounting procedures for company that had already been in business five months and did all catch-up work to bring accounts into balance; Daily bookkeeping activities for largest Shelby Cobra dealer in the world; Property Accounting Manager maintaining 32 general ledgers for commercial accounts;

After several years of research, I became the Director of Publications for a nutritional products company, where my love of writing and my passion for health education was put to good use.  I wrote and oversaw the production of newsletters, broadcast newspapers, magazines, sales flyers, marketing materials, brochures, and training manuals, and lectured on health and wellness throughout the USA.

What I offer

  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Accounting/bookkeeping
  • Accounts payable/receivable 
  • Cash accounts & credit cards
  • General ledger
  • Filing systems
  • Office procedures
  • Power point & public speaking

Writing Activities

I'm on a mission...

In 1990 my Mom, who was a medical and scientific

illustrator for the CDC in Atlanta, was killed by proper use of prescription drugs.  Since I was a journalism major in college and always enjoyed research, I put my education to use and started to study the health-care industry -- and I was appalled at what I learned.  I don't want others to suffer the way my Mom did, and I certainly don't want other families to lose a loved one because of a legal drug used according to a doctor's prescription.  And that's what lead me to a variety of writing activities, including freelance writing for medical professionals as well as writing tips and publishing provided through my company, Cherokee Rose Publishing.

The Lord provides a way to right a wrong...

Halo's Glow, Mighty-Me and the Rainbow Plate, Finding Margaret, Common Sense Medicine, Robert A. Nash, MD,  Margery Phelps, At First Sight, Janiece C. Andrews, MD, Ken Brownlee, Madonna Brownlee, A Juicy Joyful Life, Where did I go?, Downline Dynamics, You don't have to be sick, healthy eating is good medicine, freelance writing, Women of Distinction magazine, Theresa Martin, The Whirlpool, Cuyahoga Stories, Mr. Andante, reincarnation,