Accounting Quality Control Procedures for Finance Dept. of Fortune 500 Company; Policies and procedures and employee manuals; Director of Publications for three nutriceutical companies; Editing support for company with 20,000 distributors in USA and Europe; Created 24 cartoon characters to teach children about health and nutrition (trademarked); Author of New Life Naturally,   Finding Margaret - a case for reincarnation,  ghost writer for  Common Sense Medicine;

Set up general ledger and maintained books for small business for 17 years; General Ledger clean-up for construction, auto sales, and training companies; QuickBooks Training, payroll, account reconciliations, and records management; Established accounting procedures for company that had already been in business five months and did all catch-up work to bring accounts into balance; Daily bookkeeping activities for largest Shelby Cobra dealer in the world; Property Accounting Manager maintaining 32 general ledgers for commercial accounts;

After several years of research, I became the Director of Publications for a nutritional products company, where my love of writing and my passion for health education was put to good use.  I wrote and oversaw the production of newsletters, broadcast newspapers, magazines, sales flyers, marketing materials, brochures, and training manuals, and lectured on health and wellness throughout the USA.

Writing Activities

I'm on a mission...

In 1990 my Mom, who was a medical and scientific

illustrator for the CDC in Atlanta, was killed by proper use of prescription drugs.  Since I was a journalism major in college and always enjoyed research, I put my education to use and started to study the health-care industry -- and I was appalled at what I learned.  I don't want others to suffer the way my Mom did, and I certainly don't want other families to lose a loved one because of a legal drug used according to a doctor's prescription.  And that's what lead me to a variety of writing activities, including freelance writing for medical professionals as well as writing tips and publishing provided through my company, Cherokee Rose Publishing.

The Lord provides a way to right a wrong...

Halo's Glow, Mighty-Me and the Rainbow Plate, Finding Margaret, Common Sense Medicine, Robert A. Nash, MD,  Margery Phelps, At First Sight, Janiece C. Andrews, MD, Ken Brownlee, Madonna Brownlee, A Juicy Joyful Life, Where did I go?, Downline Dynamics, You don't have to be sick, healthy eating is good medicine, freelance writing, Women of Distinction magazine, Theresa Martin, The Whirlpool, Cuyahoga Stories, Mr. Andante, reincarnation,

Live in excellence

and serve the Lord.

Remote bookkeeping for children’s clothing store in Houston, Texas; Set up and maintain books for numerous clients in construction, retail, and consulting; Majored in Accounting with 4.0 GPA and on-job training for 9 years by former Internal Auditor of Coca-Cola; Studied Business Law at University of Maryland Overseas Division in Germany with 4.0 GPA.



Developed and implemented filing system for a Regional Sales Office that became the national standard for a Fortune 100 company; Set up files for a company that had 5,000 closed sales orders and no filing system; Implemented fulfillment, packing and shipping procedures for nutriceutical products company; Set up and ran inbound call center; customer service training; Professional Administrative Assistant Certification (95th percentile on national test). 

What I offer

  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Accounting/bookkeeping
  • Accounts payable/receivable 
  • Cash accounts & credit cards
  • General ledger
  • Filing systems
  • Office procedures
  • Power point & public speaking



co-author of  A Juicy, Joyful Life  (Hot #1 Best Seller on Amazon); contract writer of  At First Sight-The Shirl Jennings Story… the story behind the MGM motion picture; wrote Mighty-Me and the Rainbow Plate  and  Halo's Glow to teach children about nutrition;  Harmony’s House, a coloring book;  compiled and edited  Downline Dynamics for Janiece Andrews, MD. Re-wrote  The Whirlpool for Theresa Martin (published June of 2016); designed and edited  Leaving Church in a Helicopter  for Madonna Brownlee.   June 2016 published You don't have to be sick - healthy eating is good medicine, a collaboration with Janiece C. Andrews, MD.

Compiled and edited construction law manual for largest construction law firm in USA; annual sales & marketing plans for Fortune 100 Company (five years); lecture on health and wellness.